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A change of focus is required to finish out this assignment. I’ll focus my comments on the shortcomings of my teammates and me.

I found my teammates’ work and real life (RL) experiences to be interesting and unique. I was jealous of Neil who got to go Florida for a family vacation and ditch us 🙂 Perhaps he got to see Kenny Powers’ pitch! Neil’s greatest strength is his ability to focus our work from a broad perspective to its core requirements; he excels at this and should be commended for his work. Continue reading

Last night’s speaking engagement was most interesting. For those unaware, Terry O’Riley and the fine folks at Pirate group,” the advertising agency known for such notable commercials as Becel’s “I can’t believe it’s not butter” series, spots for the Super Bowl, and work with some of North America’s most iconic brands. Terry and his colleague’s lead a “master class” in advertising, providing students with an inside look at how some of their most memorable campaigns came to be” Quote from DeGroote Facebook Page. Continue reading

My only friend the end.


How do you measure your impact?

Here are some public sites that show Twitter engagement levels for broadcasters. Unfortunately Canadian television is not currently monitored. If I had more time I would have dug further to find a Canadian alternative, that said I ran out of time.


It’s my sincerest hope that all of can see the value of creating a transmedia entity around the Dragon’s Den brand. I believe a “Green Entrapranuership” targeted at Generation Y using social media as the”platform” will achieve the buzz factor needed to expand the Dragon’s Den brand to the next generation.

Gen “Why”

What is most important to them?

  • Gen Y wants the brands they purchase  be seen in the places where they spend most of their time, “McCafe” anyone!
    It is important that the products they choose to give them the ability to express their individuality.
    GenY has grown up with the internet, mobile and instant messaging – technology is apart of their day to day lives.

What don’t they care about?

  • According to Time Magazine Gen Y “just want to spend their time in meaningful and useful ways, no matter where they are”  One could elaborate that Millennials don’t care to waste time.
    Read more: Time Magazine

What problem does the community have?

Gen Y expects its partners and collaborators to uphold strong moral, ethical and environmental values. I prefer not use terms like “problem” opportunity sounds more engaging.

Indicators from Cone Inc. and AMP Insights:  Cause_AMPlified

If a company is socially and/or environmentally responsible:

• 83% are likely to trust the company more
• 79% are likely to purchase that company’s products
• 44% are likely to actively pursue working at that company
• 74% are more likely to pay attention to that company’s message because it has a deep commitment to a cause • 69% consider a company’s social and environmental commitment when deciding where to shop
• 66% will recommend products or services if a company is socially responsible

If a company is not socially or environmentally responsible:

• 45% are likely to refuse that company’s products or services
• 56% are likely to refuse to work at that company
• 42% are likely to encourage family and friends to boycott that company’s products or services

Describe an event or example that everyone in the community would recognize or understand.

Allegations of inhumane overseas labor practices within the Gen Y community are a huge brand turn off . Nike or Foxconn are good examples of brands or manufacturer’s that don’t meet Gen Y’s expectations.

We the audience part duex

Part 2 – you could write a book on this generation.

Are there more men or women?

  • Total population for Gen Y is estimated by statistics Canada to be 4,821,514  a Male to female split of 2357990 Male – 2240681 Female:  Stats Can

Using Facebook ad’s we find:

Where is the community geographically?

  • Young Dragons would geographically target  Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. These represent the largest markets of Gen Y. CanadaLegal

Using Facebook ad’s we find:

What does the community need, want, and value?

  • GenY want their brands to be a partnership and work together in collaboration.
  • They values brands that help them with their own personal discovery and  are responsible to environment.
  • Millennials want to  become part of group conversation and help develop solutions with brands the choose.
  • Gen Y is also interested in a brands eco-efforts. It’s not enough to be a environmental product, brands need to champion causes.

Examples of Gen Y popular brands

  • Whole Foods is the largest retailer of natural and organic food and has launched a major energy program. “We were the first major retailer to offset 100% of our energy use with wind energy credits. And we are glad to see that some of the world’s largest retailers are following the example we’ve set in green building, the use of solar power, company-wide recycling programs, internal green mission programs and support for organics. When more companies take green steps, we all win
  • Honda is hoping to attract younger buyers to the green car market. Their long term goal is to be the world’s cleanest, most efficient manufacturer. Just click the link to read more
  • Greenworks  (Clorox) provides all natural, eco-friendly cleaning products.
    *Are made with plant- and mineral-based cleaning ingredients.
    *Come from biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived

    *Are not tested on animals.

    *Use environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible
    Are acknowledged by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program.
    NOTE :*from greenworks website.

We the audience part 1

Researching a new potential audience for Dragon’s Den proved to be more time consuming yet again.  From a social media perspective the Dragons den is on TWITTER, the  CBC website , and Facebook; but is much maligned in an old school “broadcast” model. A transmedia  “youth centric” two-way communication approach is an online venture that should attract what is widely considered the most desirable market segment “Gen Y

Q: How old are they?  What level of education do they have?

Currently Dragoon Den market is 25-54 our target market the show focuses on the Urban professional crowd.


Gen Y is 16-24 year olds that can be sub-grouped:
16-17 year old male and female school age students
18-21 year old male and female university students in or starting their first job
22-24 year old male and female career focused students who are undertaking extended studies
Gender:Both male and female

Working on the rest, hope to the part2 up for Monday’s class. Take care #SMRTCC

For those interested you can see the BBM rating for Dragon’s Den here: Dragon’s Den Ratings